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Unite has something for everyone! Natural curly hair? Straight hair? Frizzy hair? They've got you covered!


The U Oil and 7Seconds Detangling Spray are must haves in my daily hair routine. 

This brand was created with no harsh chemicals and leaves no heavy residue behind. Click the link and check it out!


You won't be disappointed 

Let's talk makeup!

I have tried SO MANY different brands when it comes to makeup. It could be so exhausting and a bit discouraging trying to find your perfect match. 

I think we can all agree that hauling around a huge make up bag just for touch ups is super incovenient. 

With Maskara Beauty I was FINALLY able to find everything I have been looking for in one place! All your makeup in one palette? YES PLEASE!

They offer ALL the customizeable highlight and contouring colors to make your life MUCH easier. 

Click the link, build your own palette and shave 20-30 minutes off your morning routine!

Thank me later

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