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The Power of Routine

Do you have a routine? One where you set your alarm in the morning and when it goes off you hit the ground running? I definitely do! And I must say that it has been a saving grace since this whole shelter in place order has been issued. Sticking to my routine (as much as possible) has helped me tremendously throughout this entire situation.

Don't get me wrong, this pandemic has definitely shook my world. Being forced to close the salon (temporarily) was never something I thought I'd ever have to deal with. Some days I struggle to stay positive and productive. But I am refusing to let it slow me down. I keep telling myself that this is an opportunity to really hone in on every aspect of my business. Like really sit down, breakdown numbers, make lists and execute. All the things I never made time for are actually happening NOW. And it feels so good to get them done!

If you know me then you know that I CANNOT sit still. Between being a wife, mom and business owner there is never really time to sit still. Wearing all these different hats keeps me on my toes daily. Needless to say, "Netflix and chill" was never in my cards. I have still been setting my alarm 6 days a week to keep the ball rolling. Early mornings are my absolute favorite! I love getting up before the sun and checking something off of my list. Whether it be writing a blog post, doing laundry or working out, being productive in the morning is the way to go. It helps me keep the momentum going for the rest of my day. (With the help from LOTS of coffee, of course).

I think being productive through this crazy time has saved my sanity. Keeping busy has helped me from falling down the dark rabbit hole of all the negativity out there right now. One thing I have been doing is holding Zoom meetings with the salon girls once a week to make sure we are all staying connected. We share our goals for the week and new ideas that we can implement inside of our businesses. I'm happy to say that we have all been taking steps in the right direction and are staying productive.

Although I am going, going, going during the day diligently working to check things off of my list; at the end of the day I do enjoy taking things down a notch. Spending time with my family is something I cherish most. Especially during times like these. I count my blessings everyday and am so thankful to have what we have. Seeing my sweet baby girl smile and giggle is fuel for me to keep moving forward, staying strong and sticking to my routine.

I hope you all are staying healthy and safe out there! Keep pushing forward. We are all in this together!



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