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Education is Key

Growing up I was always taught that my education was VERY important. I definitely had the general thought that I would go to college after high school, get a degree and a good job. Thats just what you do, right? I would think to myself "That's what everyone talks about so it must be the right path."

Well, surprise! That was not the right path for me. Immediately after I graduated high school I completed a four month phlebotomy course. At that point I felt accomplished yet uncertain about my career choice. I knew my passion was always hair. I tried numerous times to sit in a class room at a community college and start in on a degree. The result was the same time and time again. I withdrew from my classes EVERY SINGLE TIME. I knew it wasn't for me.

One day, while sitting in my treacherous math class, I thought to myself "What am I doing here?" This was not at all what I saw myself doing. Another 4-10 years in school just to be miserable? NO WAY! I then gathered my things and left (yes, in the middle of class). From there, I drove straight to Paul Mitchell Cosmetology school, took a tour and signed up that day. I never looked back again.

After 11 months of full time cosmetology school (and part time working at Starbucks) I graduated! On my first attempt at taking the state board test I FAILED! I was crushed. I immediately thought "I can't do this. Its not meant to be." The feeling of angst ran through me as I reported back to my family and friends that I had failed. My grandfather reminded me that sometimes it takes more than one try to get where you want to go. Hesitantly, I reapplied for the state board test. Needless to say, on the second attempt I PASSED!

Now I have been doing hair for about 10 years. I have taken a countless number of education courses within my industry. Currently, I belong to one of the most intricate education programs in the hair game, BMS. This program has brought me and my career to levels I never thought were reachable. The trainers are inspiring and the homework is heavily detailed! It has taught me everything from breaking my numbers down within my business to creating the perfect beach waves (and SO much more. I can go on and on).

Although I am resistant to what most people consider traditional education, I value my education greatly. I may not come out with a masters degree to hang on my wall but I love what I do! My career is nothing short of rewarding and gratifying. Taking the plunge to go against the grain and pursue my hair career was one of the best choices I have made in life.

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